Meet the Team

Will Engdahl

24″ Build Lead | RBE+ME ’22

FTC 3565 Alum

Is weird
5 years of competitive robotic experience. Resident CAD wizard

Ansel Chang

Code Lead | CS ’25

FLL Team HIPE Alum

Probably working on a coding project for fun… also a musician, composer and avid Tetris player!

Margaret Earnest

Code Lead | CS ’23

FRC 422 Alum

Whenever I’m home I help mentor my FRC team. Outside of robotics I sing a cappella

Ezequiel Gonzalez

Marketing | 15″ Build Lead | AE 24′

VRC 99426A & B Alum

Proud owner of the VEX sword! Member of the WPI Tennis Team. I love music, anime, and building robots.

Alex Mintz

IMGD ’25

FTC 10582,16953 Alum

Plays the electric bass.

Brian Boxell

  RBE+AE ’23 

FRC 157 / VRC 9605A / FTC 12566 Alum

A long time robotics fanatic, obsessed with anything mechanical or programming related. Builds combat robots, works with RC cars, and is an Eagle Scout. Does not like swerve drivetrains.

Kevin Siegall

 CS/ECE+ CE ’25

FTC 8108 Alum

In my free time, I mentor 3 FTC teams from my High School, and am an Eagle Scout.

Mikel Matticoli

Super Senior | CS+IMGD ’21

VRC 750E Alum

Also involved with ACM and IGDA WPI. Enjoys making things of all kinds including robots, video games, and pizza

Eric Randolph

RBE ’25

FTC 18246, 8902 Alum

I mentor my previous FTC team. I do combat robotics at WPI & bowl semi professionally.

Kohmei Kadoya

Treasurer | RBE+ME ’23

FRC 6752 / VRC 3157A&N Alum

Enjoys skiing and scuba diving

Cooper Mann

RBE ’25

FTC 13950 Alum

Trumpet player in WPI Pep Band and avid Red Sox enjoyer.

Hayden O'Connell

RBE ’25


” I make robots go weewoo!”

Kalina Bonofiglio

Secretary | RBE ’23

FRC 173 Alum

I am most familiar with the CAD Design and mechanical aspects of robotics, but I am enjoying the opportunity to learn more about the software development side. Outside of robotics, I enjoy doing gymnastics and writing

Ian Beazley

Captain | RBE+ME ’22

FRC 1640 Alum

Especially loves swerve drivetrains and all aspects of strategy. Most of my brain is taken up with robotics info. Co-lead of a study for CBF

Alex Lehman

Historian | ME ’22

VRC 91C, 80N Alum

Vice President of Period and Vice President of VegClub. Nicknamed “Jasmine” on the team

Lexie McFann

IMGD ’23

FRC 2264 Alum

I also play hockey, which unfortunately overlaps with robotics on many days, and many many many video games. Along with that, I love to draw and paint, and I enjoy going fishing with my dad and friends!


Oliver Jay

Previous Team Captain | RBE ’20

FRC 246 / VRC 246A Alum

Has a strong appreciation for smooth motion control, multi-jointed robot arms, and long runs in freezing cold winter rain.

Skyler Kim

CS ’20

Founder of the Watching Cheese Club. Can count to 11, and sometimes count to 12 on a good day. Invented a time machine that can only travel 1 minute backwards in time so if you ever leave your pizza pockets in the microwave for 1 minute too long I can help you

Yicheng Yang

RBE ’21

FRC 6439 / VRC 8192 Alum

Has 9 years of competitive robotics experience. Originally from Shanghai, China

Phillip Lund

RBE ’21

VRC 5150 Alum

Has either qualified for, participated in, or helped run The World Championship each year in competitive robotics. Enjoys making scouting systems and calculators with spreadsheets. Serves as an unofficial adviser for his old High School team, 5150

Matthew Spofford

CS ’22

FRC 4048 Alum

I like programming robots! So much so, I developed my own open source swerve drive library for FRC robots. I also am an ongoing mentor for my high school FRC team

Dan Trainor

ME ’22

I am the survivorship chair for Colleges Against Cancer at WPI. I enjoy taking things apart and putting them back together again. But don’t ask me to program a robot because I am not good at programming

Casey Gosselin

RBE+ME ’22

VRC 6916H&C / FRC 61 Alum

Likes building and 3D printing
Likes making things
Tips frequently
Has 2 high school diplomas


Culinary and Sanitation Engineering

Stop&Shop / Giant

Do you know why people have feelings of fear? It’s because they have hopes and expectations for the way things should be. People are filled with hope, it’s the reason why humans continue to discover and expand. Humans cannot be content with their lifestyle; they always search for more. However, it’s not possible for everyone to win: there are some people who must lose out to others. This causes the spread of despair; a sense of hopelessness and disappointment. People who feel despair don’t have expectations, and they become enveloped in chaos. When you are so filled with despair, when there isn’t a single ounce of hope, that person has nothing to fear. I have no fears.